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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

unbelievable hype
With the innumerable blogs that exist out there, 99.99999% of which I have never read and neither have you, is there good reason to
embark on a project such as this ?
My answer is yes, absolutely.

I put my first webpages up back in 1998.
I had spent much of 1996/1997 living in a hazy state of
blissfulness; Writing and drawing spontaneous weird things
in scrappy little notebooks.
The creative ego messily spurting.
Ah yeah, this is cool, I'll make a webpage.
So I sneaked into friends university libraries and read an html
tutorial site called daves site.
Lo and behold I created the home for my whacked out poetry.
I named it Matt Kings Unbelievable Hype.
The last time I updated the site it was being hosted by an old isp of mine.
A few years ago they removed the site and I thought thats it, all over,

Last week I discovered this amazing site the wayback machine.
My baby was still out there - yeah baby yeah.
Now this baby maybe a little embarrassing in places,
painting a certain picture about the author of this site.
But as you know, a bird will sing the same song all of its life.
The same cannot be said for human beings.

Returning to the spirit of the original question.
Is it worth writing that one blog amongst the millions?
These initial words I wrote for that old webpage give reason
for us to shout out, "YES its worth it"!

"Welcome to you all; loveable and unloving beings and creatures.Fleshy visitors with pulse, warm blood and skin.
Let me cut to the snatch. This is a two way give and take thing. Hopefully in this mess of pages will be a snippet of gobbledegook with some value to you. If a little electric miracle occurs and begins a domino run in your synapses then please let out your feedback,
whether it gushes or trickles, into this drain known as..."

Here it is Matt King's Unbelievable Hype

sketched by dweller at 9:56 pm
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