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Monday, July 18, 2005

Well This Is How It Began
Well This Is How It Began

I trusted the banquet givers. their quiet ways, and kindly smiles.
Could she even have thrown my keys against the windscreen that night, were it not for their tender encouragement
discuss my ass
the bullshit replies. get off my tongue Jackass
I'll tongue the hell out of you honey
And with this knife stuck in your ear I dont think so, huh?
Abilities I admired in her, such coarse and treacle sludge.
She knew I was pissed, it was always raining and nighttime.
C'mon sucker drive me lets drive vrummm baby c'mon stick it in
Aw hell I've been set up, trapped but you know they knew I had it coming. Here goes towards the hedgerow get the wipers wiping ok
son of a beech. Misting up big time, get yr hand outta my pants and open tha window. Fuck this shit, country road big old night and RAIN coming from the darkness, stuck in the Ford with her and our baccy brewery stench. Cursing them again, she aint listening just giggling
Tease me tease me tease me baby you can tease me til I cant take no more. Wheels braking I reverse into a field gate siding mud pit with wet cows over the fence. She's fallen asleep by now; lost interest when we both got silent back there in the night. I'm gonna snooze up til morn. I got peace again seeing the murky dawnlight. And sweet baby breath's gonna lullaby my pissed ass goodnight.

sketched by dweller at 10:03 pm
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