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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Myra Breckinridge wrote this
I like the devilish look in your eye. I like speaking for mere moments and suddenly feeling the comfort of a long past. I love hidden languages, the excitement of passions, and finding those to gush about them with. I like looking at the curve of the muscle, especially the insanely beautiful curves in a Herb Ritts photograph. I like when eyes meet in surprise over a wonderful bottle of wine. I love to hear moans over the bite of a perfect piece of cheese. I like downing a table of shots and dancing the night away. I love to caress the smooth edges of a paperback book. I like to make wild animals run up to me. I like new discoveries, whether a new place, or a song I never realized the beauty of. I love all the passions that bring me new likes every day.

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