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Thursday, January 18, 2007

British Mating Rituals Part 1
Why don't guys get hints??
If you like them, they don't get it...If you don't (which is mostly the case and a polite smile is not a sex invite), they don't get it...


If a woman acts in a way that indicates "no" then we're programmed to take that as a maybe.

If a woman acts in a way that indicates a "maybe" then we're programmed to take that as a yes.

It's because we're wired up to have sex with as many women as possible, as frequently as possible - there's no advantage, biologically, in acknowledging a no.

As for why men never get it when you *do* like them - our higher brain (our more evolved self) is often in conflict with our more primative self. We've learnt that following our normal "no", "maybe" rules often gets us a slap. So those more sensitive members of the male population wait until it's absolutely spelt out for them - for fear of...well...getting a slap.

Add on top of that all your usual insecurities and self-esteem issues.

I've also noticed that women don't always follow the accepted mating ritual. Like it or not, we *are* animals...and we're wired up to approach courtship in a specific way - just like every other species. This courtship begins with the woman showing interest by performing a few certain actions, then it's the mans turn, then it's the womans and so on and so on and so on...and eventually you end up in bed.

The problem is that as well as being animals, we've evolved higher brain functions...and these get in the way. If the female doesn't make the first move, then that confuses the male - and the female might not make the accepted first move because her social programming is comflicting with her biological. Inevitably those situations end up with her at her mates house crying with a glass of wine and saying that nobody fanices her - and him at home watching pornography.

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