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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Do zebras go neigh?
We are ancient
We like to see ourselves as new

But all that is new are
our things

No no we are so
wonderfully old

Just look at insects
They seem to have just stepped from the
primeval soup

All angles
All geometry

And yes it's a valid perception
We know insects are earlier than us

Yet we do not perceive
our own antiquity

Look at the wrinkles on our hand
like elephant hide

The nails
all horny

Oh walking man
dancing gymnast
tumbling free
how you so perfectly express
your antiquity

I am not asking for a
return to stoneage ways

But to know that grass
with its fruit on top
Makes a bedlike meadow
more precious than any
manicured lawn

teaches us something
don't you think?

sketched by dweller at 6:50 pm
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