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Sunday, May 02, 2010

I finally found my first ever website

Hey People, Get Ready To Relax.


   Hi there. Sorry I have moved server.   please click here to go to  http://freeweb.digiweb.com/arts/webking

Well you know things are strange. Crosswinds my server for this page have speeded their act up, so I may use this page for a more relaxed laidback kind of vibe. So for serious pretentious arty bollocks you can go to that digiweb site up there. But if you wanna stick with me you'll get a regular update of rambling sprawl straight from the centre of London. So you can Email me at Mattyking@hotmail.com

Latest update 2nd of December 1998: Well my lovely Grandpa died the sunday before last. So I have been with the family up in Liverpool. He was a great man. You would have enjoyed meeting him. He was born in 1912 in Foley st, London. He lived in Fitzrovia, London, but spent the summers in Saint laurent a small village in rural France where his Father was from. His mum was a loving cockney. So as a child he was surrounded by his singing parents. He learnt all the French and Cockney songs of the time and he could still remember them eighty years later. At the age of 15 he became a cook on board the Cunard ships. The Mauritania took him to New York. He also travelled to many other parts of the globe on these ships, at a young age. This travelling stayed with him until the last years of his life. Anyway he wrote lots of memoirs about this early period of his life, and maybe I'll get permission to put it online because it really is worth a read.


This is a page with some seriously fascinating essays for all you poetic-genius nutters out there.
This is the homepage of Cyanosis and also has unhinged arty stuff from San Francisco. 
This is a techno/direct action/drugs/arts/fun/reclaim the streets kind of site with minizines spreading across the UK and the world!!
This is a large site based in Vienna with many fascinating essays written by some deep thinkers.

This is a live regularly updated picture of downtown sydney. My pals Matt and Hayley are there.

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