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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

London rent prices are bonkers says Northerner
"Pay way over half my take home pay for a shitty flat...? I really am trying mate, but I cannot understand how you Southerners think that a sum like this for a flat is in anyway acceptable. Anything over 300 quid a month is a rip-off for any flat - buying or renting. For 1200 a month, I'd expect to be living like a rock-star, and the fact that anyone can even consider living in the type of ex-council sh1t-hole you'd get for that sort of money in London as reasonable goes a long way towards explaining how f**ked-up the UK housing market is. You Southern nut-cases only prolong the agony by playing this game of death by housing costs, and your glib acceptance of such stupidity will ensure that your children continue to suffer for a long time after you've gone. The "ladder" is a rigged game my friend, and the sight of you poor ignorant b*stards keeping it going despite the harm it will bring to you and your family is among the saddest things that I've observed in my 47 years. The grimness you once perceived as being exclusive to 'oop North' is now right on your own doorstep me old china, and you're paying way over the odds for it.. Wise up Delboy..."

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