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Friday, March 14, 2014

Pistols At Dawn
I have my own voice
 A hangover
Just the juster just person
 My lady
 My bloody valentine
King crimson
The knackers yard
 Old faithful
 In the tube tunnel
At the leather chair the gentleman’s bottom
Sits firm in suited hem
Squeak lean fart sigh
Guilty my lady
 Killer my gentleman
Not so fast he is clean cut
Not shaggy but muscular
Green light
Red light
Jesus and the de’il
Will he won’t he
Shall not argh there is a wasp in my hair
Aargh it is down my neck
Stinging me
Aargh strip off my shirt
Flail my arms
Got to kill that wasp
 Where is it?
Must be here?
 I am stung
 Am I not?
Heat haze,
The smell of petrol
Phones all out of battery
Oil rigs and bunny hops and
Sandy shores
The big whale
Banged up on that island
Should have died there
Fuzzy wuzzies
Curly locks
I’m not afraid
I got my gangster glock
Shiver me timbers
That’s not cricket
My lady
Oh sure, just an orange juice for me
No no
We’re in love
Fucking love her love her
Love her bitch bitch
Cunny hunny
Squeeze own
 I own this woman
My own love this tight
Bitch she’s mine
I’m not afraid
Got my gangster piece
She knows it
My bitch in the wooden house
The kennel
My kennel
The grass outside
The oil tanker
The fumes
I’ll walk
Get some air
She’ll be right
Gonna be sick
Sea sickness
Wait no I didn’t
It was them
I’m not scared
Just a kid
Didn’t do
Daddy said
I’d be right

It’d be ok

sketched by dweller at 7:13 pm
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