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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'll blog til I friggin' well drop
Ya Boo
Keep it fresh
like a bowl of pooh.

Found an egg carton in the front garden
Full of human shit
Someone must have tossed it
Over the hedge

Couldn't you try drinking warm milk
It's a cure for insomnia
the Devils Disease
torrent blackened eyeball craters
lungs radiated
balls all gone a sterile
limp dick porn drained
shrinking night by insomniac night

music is my life and it sends me thru the vibe
thru the vibe

zooming in on a daisy stem in the garden
little hairs tiny hairs bending flower
stem hairs
the grass is warm, sky blue
a few seconds of smells sounds and birdsong
then back to this screen glued
back glued back
tap the keys
be transhuman what a great future
inhuman inhuman
blog with the inhuman bloggers
again and again
more and millions more
do it repeat it
fuck it fuck it fuck it
what is the result?
what is the result?
what is the result?
zero zero zero.
just do it again
and again and again
something is sure to happen.
there is life in this somewhere.
the bloggers hope against the
dark knowledge that this is all
some satanic plot to keep the synapses
occupied while the world is divvied up.
the real airwaves and telepathic physical
subtle routes that have served humanity for millenia
are left by the wayside as we are channelled
into this poppy scented poison world of blogging, torrenting
, recording.

sketched by dweller at 5:18 pm
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