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Sunday, June 12, 2005

don't be good
"ya, great seeing you, be good"

"Bye thanks"
"mmm, be good"

This "be good" phenomena is catching on round these parts of
the Western Hampstead north London young moneyed set.

Luckily no one I know has yet said it to me,
but I am waiting for it to spread to the overall subconscious
set of shite things people start to say without realizing it.

I mean I dealt, with "good, good" the other year without too much
distress. It was a fairly innocuous tic of a phrase.

I succumbed myself to the classic cliched goodbye of "all the best"
for quite a while.

But "be good" is just so goddamned nauseating isn't it?
To me "be good" is about money, its about going for three skiing holidays a year, taking some winter sun, some summer sun.
Poncing around in expensive shades.
Raising your voice outside a
horrendous bar full of like minded "be good"ers.
Yes the ubiquitous use of "be good" lets everyone listening in
know that these bastards are relaxed and friendly and think the best about their immorally financially enhanced fellows.
The point is that these fuckers, who will buy
the latest 60 gig I - Pod and then only be able to fill
a paltry 2 gig of it with witless Keane albums,
shouldn't be in charge of so much ready cash.
They don't know what to do with it.
They'll spend it on all the great financial institutions and
corporations that gave it to them in the first place.
It's all so unimaginative.
They're not setting up new foundations based on interesting ideas.
Outdoor pursuit centres for city kids, ecological skate parks.
No they'll drink in an overpriced bar, buy overpriced clothes and escape the dreadful city on endless fuel burning city breaks
and jollies wherever the next jet will fly them.
This cycle of money doesn't involve or unify or
create imaginative new ways of life or help in
joining communities. Creating a sense of solidarity.
No, it'll never happen while you remain in your private car,
in your jubilee line crush.
In your 02 centre fishtank, you avoid the real.
Is that what you mean when you tell your pals to "be good".
Be good, don't think, don't imagine, don't explore, don't talk to anyone in a tracksuit.


Next time I will examine why every
over-subserviant foreign lackey working in a local corner shop, kebab shop or barbers shop
feels the need to refer to any man that walks into the place as "Boss". This phenomena, I suggest, is part of the new London Apartheid system we've all been collectively forging in this hoax of a city.

sketched by dweller at 11:06 am
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