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Saturday, May 14, 2005

listen to this and you'll die
Well continuing the theme of death for a moment.
We're going to play another fun little blogging game.
Anyone seen the cute Japanese film named Ring?
Or perhaps the shite US remake.
Well the premise of those films was that
if you watched a certain video then
within a week you would die.
Well well well,
we here at CHILDISH eYEsless ness wouldn't
want our readers to feel left out.
Therefore using all the magical power summonable
by the inhouse expert team of artishamans
we have conjured up a track of music that has
the same effect on its listeners as the
dreaded video from the movie RING.

All you need to do is listen to the track linked
below and you will be magically transported to
the world of death within a week.
Of course you may not want to take the
great journey yet and will therefore have
the choice not to listen.
You also may not believe in these kinds of
supernatural powers and will want to listen
to this music as an act of defiance or bravado.
So whichever way you lean, please leave a comment
and tell me if you listened.
If you don't report back within a week then
we can safely assume that the ChildWithoutAnEye
death-inducing composition has been a success.
We thank you for taking this opportunity to travel with us.
Please invite your friends, neighbours,
colleagues and relatives to freely use
this conduit to the beyond.

Click on the red die below to listen to the track.


sketched by dweller at 10:48 pm
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