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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I blog after hours
I should be asleep.
I should be asleep.
I'll send you to sleep,
with my clackety clack on the keys.
Shhhhh my neighbour is just through the wall right there.
Hope I don't wake her.
I swam yesterday and today up in the pond
on Hampstead Heath. Lovely it were.
Ducks for company, blue dragonflies mating.
Moor hens feeding their young by the side of the pond,
as we gently swim and float about.
Gazing up at blue sky and green trees.
Of course there are other human beings there too.
They are all crammed into a small area of lawn by the pond.
Towels are laid cheek by jowl. It all makes for a very intimate setting. You can't avoid overhearing your neighbours
conversation and you can't avoid making a very good estimation of the vital statistics of every bloke's girlfriend.
That's part of the charm of the place I suppose.
We are social creatures after all...
My favourite pastime is watching those who are afraid to jump in.
They fear that the water will be too cold. The body language they adopt really cracks me up. I get disappointed when they give up and sometimes I'll send out a cheer when someone finally plucks up the courage and jumps in.
I wish I could do the cool looking dive;
I just hold my nose and jump in, surface, get rid of the air bubble from my trunks and then breast stroke
up to the warmer sunnier part of the pond, where the wildlife
is busying itself.

Well now it is late and I have a lot of things to do
which I have avoided doing for the past two days.
Will I make it a record third?
I'd better go to sleep and find out...

sketched by dweller at 1:45 am
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