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Sunday, March 04, 2007

the blog in my head
Every day of my life, well most days,
I wander around this group of London Parishes and
a myriad of intersecting perspectives and synchronized dancing synapse domino runs sets my just about still fresh mind a-thinking.
Each one of these choice arrangements of thoughts and conclusions
feels like a nicely arranged insight, much more interesting than the average "lifestyle" pieces that are scattered throughout the
middle class Sundays that I make sure I avoid.

Now with the freedom of Blogging I have the option to make my own Copy. Write with my own shit for ink. At last freedom, avast ye Cornish Pasties - The World Is Yours!!

Yet my plan for global brain infection is fatally flawed,
for these thoughts and ideas and interesting wotnots are like vivid dreams - fucking impossible to remember later on. When you get a chance to plot them down digit to digit its always too late.
Sometimes at work I am in front of a screen - yes! - I have a chance to blog it; But it is the nature of my job that I have duties to the public and I can't say hang on a sec I'm just sketching out the beauty of a sacred insight (yes I know I like to big myself up as no-one else will.)

This frustration has led me to not update this blog so often as
I don't always want to start writing with a blank mind before I write (as I'm doing now).
I'd like to have thoughts whether they are fighting firecrackers or slow intersecting musical harmonics leading to an interesting conclusion leading to instant blog.

Currently not possible - sorry fuckers.
Other blogs are more engaging for the noo.

sketched by dweller at 11:58 am
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