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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

London Zoo
gag the fist
turnip prize or eurovision
hump the toaster
trevor mcdoughnut or alastair campbell

god save me from a Canonbury weeping willow
new river walk is a drain with poisoned ducks
the birds sat stiff and in a daze, what is in that water
a new river - a stagnant pool
and the weeping willows remember a better time
to be in Islington...

past the essex road
I get to the canal
I see a large opening
I'm listening to London Zoo
Angry sounds,
The guys fiddling with their longboats
Don't seem pleased to be there,
I gaze into the large opening,
A grand vista,
A rectangular pool of Canal water.
In the distance a half demolished building,
I can make out the insides of homes,
Spilling out.
A freeze frame of a dynamite demolition.
What animals have escaped
and are roaming the streets?

sketched by dweller at 1:28 am
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