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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Pure tumbler glass of infinity nodes.

A diode swimming pool.

Glad to see an array of bokeh.

A field of blurred lights where once rested

 a thick glass ashtray, a packet of Golden Wonder crisps and a hot tea in a white polystyrene cup.

All in full sharp focus.

No funny business.

Meh. A million mehs forgotten.

Tapped out . meh meh meh.

So three years ago,

So last week,

Hideous speed of culture

Hideous destruction of rain forest

One and the same

 As we brick ourselves in,

 There are still some, awake and alive, gap yearing and smiling

 Positively shining

Not weary with the sludge of disappointing life choices.

Magic carpet rides are free, just hop on board.

Sentences that don’t end with a full stop.

But the forest still dies.

Magnificent adventures.

Child without an aspirin.



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sketched by dweller at 2:09 pm
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