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Sunday, November 21, 2004

the house party
I spoke to a Spanish guy from the Basque Country.
He had been in London since June and was really
enjoying being here. His only gripe was that
our seafood was too expensive and not as fresh as
back home. In Spain I have come across many
people who eat much more fish than they do meat.

Another couple of people I spoke to
were two delightful sisters from Turkey.
Aged 18 and 21 and with a gentle open demeanor.
They've spent the last ten years in Denmark.
They are fluent in Danish and Turkish and were here for
four months to improve their English.
I discovered they like pop and r'n'b.
Their favourite part of London is
the new pedestrian bridge which joins the Tate Modern museum
on the south bank to St Paul's cathedral on the north.

After a sunday roast lunch today, with wine,
plus the previous two nights of boozing
I was feeling all cosy on the train home
wrapped up in a delicious sleepy bubble.
Listening to Juana Molina on the walkman
complemented my state of mind and body.

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