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Saturday, November 20, 2004

younger than yesterday
so last night what was that all about?
started off with red wine and a frozen pizza

then I hit the university bar where
one can indulge in some green
surrounded by my friend and his
phd theses writing friends

one of whom is from India and
has the most incredible way of
speaking English. Every sentence he speaks is grammatically
correct and perfectly pronounced.
the most incredible thing is that he
never fills pauses with words like
"um" "er" "ah"

anyhow aside from that I started
a running joke with the women present
after reading Arnold Exposed a web page
dedicated to defaming Arnold Shwarzenegger.
when caught in the act of oral pleasure
with a woman who was not his wife Arnie's excuse was
that "Eating isn't Cheating"

So the base humour slogan for the night
was up and running.

later after a curry and boring chats about
Chomsky, Stuart Hall and someone called Kav
we split from the phders and headed for
more boozy climbs in Camden Town

nipped into a Spanish bar which opens late
there one of my friends described a time
when he was a boy and his mum asked him to carry
out the following experiment for a day
he was to stop himself from using the words
"I", "me", and "mine".
Its a very difficult thing to do.
it is said that if you do it for a week your
you enter a state of awareness that is
more communal and less self centered.
Your concern and understanding of others
feelings and needs is no longer drowned out by the
selfish ego (or something like that)

a couple of dos equis's later we
headed to the haunt of the young
and nubile, a place with a late license,
djs playing rock and indie music,
and lots of people jigging about until
all hours

on entering the upstairs dancefloor
I was pleased to note the very loud
strains of The Stooges "I wanna be your dog"
blaring from giant speakers.
on seeing the vast numbers of beautiful
young women wearing next to nothing,
whilst hearing the thundering of
the night was complete for me

drunkenness, youthfulness,
and loud punkrock
on an ice cold november night

note to self -
I must remember to write a book called
"Nubility and the Male Prerogative"

sketched by dweller at 2:24 pm
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