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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gener's Lament
Gene’s Lament

Transcript of the end of a Ween gig
Ft. Lauderdale

……..after Poopship…..

I’m gonna lick your pussy tonight, ohh-aaaahhhhaa
Oooooooo – Oooooooo – Oooooooo – yeaaaah
Dean: “Got something to say Gener?”
Oooooo – OOOooooo…….
Claude: “Talking ‘bout the Poopship, talking ‘bout the Poopship”
Gene: Destroyer
Poopy poopy dooo
Ooooooo – Ooooooo – Ooooooo – yeah yeah yeaaaaah
Claude: Riiiiiiiide on the Poopship
Gener: Smoke some crack, and lick a some pussy tonight
Tonight I’m gonna smoke a little crack, and I’m gonna eat a little
pussy tonight
Give it to me
I want to eat some pussyyyyyyy
Ooooo – ooooo – oooooo
Girl, you know, I appreciate you commin out to the Ween show. And I
like the fact that you’re into Ween.
Yeah, maybe I wrote that song, Baby Bitch. But you know, I wrote it
for you.

Listen, I’ve been on tour for a long time. I’ve been on tour for a
long, long, long, long time. And tonight, I think I’d like to take
your panties down, go home for a little while, you know what I’m
saying? After I smoke a little crack…..

Can you guys give it to me?

Oooooo- oooooo – yeah

You know, ‘cause for Gener, it’s very tough being on the road
sometimes. I’m a very complicated man

Claude: Complicated baby (sung in falsetto)

Sometimes I get so strung up in my own thing, I don’t know where I am
any more. And it sucks.

You know I’m a Pisces. I was born on St. Patrick’s Day. And you know,
sometimes that’s hard, being a Jew, ‘cause that’s what I am. I go to
the Irish bar and I don’t got nothin’. They fuckin’ kick me out.

Claude: You can’t get no loooove

You can’t get no lovin. But sometimes, somehow, I get some love. I
get some love somehow. I don’t know where it comes from. Maybe from
God above. Thank God for the woman who loves me…….I love you to. You
see ‘cause the woman is a very special thing. She feels beyond the
realm of dreams. She feels, she feels things than no man can

Don’t you be booing my ass, you bitch!

I know, I know it’s a pain in the ass. Believe me, nobody knows better
than I.

Give me some!

Ooooooo – ooooo – yeaaaaaah

Fuck that.

But when I’m in Ft. Lauderdale, I see all these fine people, all these
beautiful people, and I love each and every one of you. You know
‘cause sometimes it’s hard being Gene Ween. It is. It’s tough.
‘Cause, I just wanted, I just wanted to go back home, you know?

But I realized that I’ve got a job to do.

Claude: Man’s got work to do, man’s got work to do

Hey Mick, give me that fuckin’ Jack Daniels. Yeah. And I want to play
for you. And you know, I’s a professional.

Give me one more, give me one more

Claude: Brother wants to testify, brother wants to testify to the

Oooooo – ooooo

And you know when I see you fuckin’ people, it makes it all worth
while, ‘cause I’m just a man, I’m just a man, and I love you so much.
Thank you. I love you so much.

When I go back to the tour bus tonight and smoke a little more crack,
I’m gonna think about you people. And I’m gonna think about how good
you were to me tonight. Hanging out with me.

Give me a little somethin’


It’s not easy, it’s not easy being green. And I am green. And I love
you for that, I love you for that. Because I think you’re green too.
My brothers and my sisters, thank you.
Claude: I want to tell you ahhh yeah

I’m gonna let my friend Glen, Glen MeCeland, speak for me for a little
while. He smoked a lot of crack, but I think he’s coming down, I think
he’s alright.

Basically, what I’m tryin to say is that I just love you people so
much. Hey Glenn, give me a little somethin’. It’s a brand new day. A
brand new day.

Glenn: I feel the full moon

The sun is risin’. The sun is risin’ up. The sun is RISIN’ UP!

Give it to me! Give something to the people.

Ooooooo – Ooooooo – oooooooo

This man’s got the love. If one man’s got the love, it’s Glenn.

Now Glenn just smoked a lot of crack.

Claude: I want to give it to my brother Geneeeer, yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa

Glenn: He’s got the feelin’ Papa Gene, that was beautiful. I know
you were tryin. I know you feeling it. You’re wonderful

Claude: Brother Gene was testifying.

Glenn: Everybody Gene Ween tonight , Gene Ween. Gene Ween on lead
vocals. Gene Ween. Testifying for you all night long tonight. Pouring
his heart and soul into the show just Ft. Lauderdale. Dean Ween, after
seeing the Perfect Storm with me, we had a tear in our eye after the
move, and we managed to pull the show off. And it’s a beautiful thing
everybody. We love you.

Gene: Thank you guys tonight. We’re out of here. We’re gonna go
party back stage. Thank you.

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