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Sunday, December 11, 2005

give me back my money
So you work silly hours for silly money do you?

Something in digital arts tech print management marketing
fashion finance

Well, I don't believe in superfluous unneccessary jobs like that.

I think it is obscene that this city gives money to these purposeless timewasting nothing jobs.

And a lot of you bastards drink to excess.
I know, I've met you.
You are uncomfortable deep inside,
why are you being paid so well and working so hard for something
completely ephemeral and pointless.
You will pass the south american cleaners in the office corridor.
You will take the cappuccino from the guy who smiles and is
always friendly in that cool little coffee bar. He's been there since 4 in the morning and he hates you, but you wouldn't know it.
This city is a joke, its a tower of champagne glasses,
all the booze is drunk and only the piss trickles down to be cleaned up by those below.
But hey, you're doing a trendy job in a fucking hard working
hard playing environ, its such a BUZZ.

Keep rambling on, keep the tone of your voice high energy
positive and deeply insensitive.
Cut off from accepting the disordered world your choice of career is engendering and the society your actions help to justify, you
waddle around, with your bunch of pissed up cunt mates.
You don't even read anything intelligent anymore, no time.
Don't think about things that might get you down.
Keep it happy, keep saying your happy, this is like when I was
younger, this is how it was always gonna be, yeah it's all good
It's all good.

Fallen , you've fallen, everyones fallen.
For the stanaic trickster , the merry prankster,
the laughing dancing skeleton,
the hip bones connected to the thigh bone.

Eat up, it's another lunchtime,

yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy

But your shoulders are hunched,
the diving trip, aren't those colourful fish wonderful.
Diving and skiing, little worlds away from
facing it, facing it all the uncomfortable truth.
You are a slave and a master.
You help to complete and perpetuate the chain.
It is all around us.

sketched by dweller at 9:51 pm
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