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Thursday, August 17, 2006

new blogger beta
I've tried this out.
But having read some scary stories of
lost blogs and losing the ability to post on the
blogger usenet group, I've decided to wait before I migrate
this blog to the new blogger setup.

However, I created a new blog and I really like the new features.
The built in templates are easily changed now.
There is a GUI for changing colour, font and fontsize of all text and backgrounds. This works really well with an instant preview at the bottom of the pag.
When logged into your google account you can
get to "new post" or "settings" just by clicking on the blogger bar at the top of your blogspot page.
Moving from one page to another within the blogger app is much quicker. I hope this is going to be a much smoother online operation than we've been used to with blogger.
So going back and editing a post, or adding tags you forgot (new feature) isn't a chore.
There is an option to add new link sections to your blog (plus I think a few others I haven't explored), so it is easy to create separate sections for "Daily Reads", "My other blogs" or whatever category or subsection you want.

One of the templates I tried out gives archives in a nested way. You click on year and the months appear, click on a month and the days appear. You may like that, I thought it was a bit pointless,
but maybe good to keep a large blog tidy.

One major fault I found was with the new permissions option.
I gave permission for only one other "guest" to have access to my blog. However not only couldn't the guest google account see my blog, neither could the author google account see my blog. Luckily I could switch the settings back. This is a good new feature for
those who want to share a blog with just family and friends. I'm sure they'll sort it soon enough.

Overall, I'm looking forward to migrating my blogs over to the
new format, but I'm gonna wait a while until the scary "lost blog"
stories subside.

here is my silly new blog

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