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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bogdan Raczynski review
I've just discovered the best reviewer at Rateyourmusic

I was looking for reviews of Bogdan Raczynski,
an incredible elctronic music artist.

I found a review written by someone called technic.

"Rephlex retirement castel, Whales, 2056.

We are the discarded aged of a retirement castel.
We are unpredictable and vulnerable.
We are there because we are a danger for ourselves.
We have ingurgitate everything: XTC, Acid, LSD, urban noises, flashes of light, electromagnetic fields and cellular phones. Humming basses and reactors ended up affecting our neurons.
We mainline tranquillizers and anti Parkinsonian, we suffer from facial spasms and agitation. Furniture get distorded until they look like Tokyo streets and our clothes get beat against our sides, like a brutal and forced breathing. Our conscience is like a grand hotel revolving door, turning on and projecting us chopped sights from the street. Reflections are chaotic and disturbing... Need... to... sloooow... down... aaaaaaaaaaaa ..........liiiiiiitle ...
A little ride on a merry-go-round and colored diodes will hypnotize us like a Christmas carol.

Where is the nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurse?!!
I can't see him!

He turn a potentiometer located in my cranium with rage and rapture...
Those frequencies... Too much noises... A drum is knocking curtly, a metal skeleton is grating with difficulty, something goes of, then, the silence: someone next to me has changed the channel.

I want this remote control!!!

Music is relaxing and I hear the tide. We need this to calm down, even though everything get fucked up, sometimes and mess again. As if "Kays tool" was pummeling my grey matter in a speeded-up way. I am a modeling clay beated up by percussions and I will blow up if you don't stop to zap!!
I think I hear mice under the floor. Or maybe it's just this ridiculous cartoon: an electric and sliced manga with exaggerate mimics, cut with slow motions and rush sequences. And the mouses don't stop scratching furiously! They're hitting the floor so fastly that the echoes spread in the whole room sounds like ecstatic.

Come! Hurry! It's time for pills."

That is the kind of review I can connect with.

sketched by dweller at 2:13 pm
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