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Thursday, March 15, 2007

mis profesoras de colegio delibes
In 2003 I set off to Spain to learn Spanish.
Before leaving I searched around for a private language school and
discovered one called Colegio Delibes in a small city called Salamanca, more of a town than a city I would say despite its
magnificent Cathedral and University buildings.

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to have chosen an excellent school
with brilliant teachers. This school had developed their own materials and had a great stucture to the daily lessons that worked very well.

My first grammar teacher was Teresa. She started the day's lessons. Tere was a lovely teacher and she gave us a very firm and strong understanding of the basics.
After a break we had Mariajose with the conversation classes which included more vocabulary learning.

Mariajo you can see on the right of the above photo. She was a really sweet woman and very nice with all the students including the younger Chinese ones who were slow to grasp the alphabet and pronunciations. She was also extremely attractive which helped with my class motivation thats for sure.

At first I thought Gemma was tired and couldn't give a shit in class, but I realised that although that may have been the case she allowed us students do most of the talking. We had come great discussions in her class.

Maite was lovely though I think I used to piss her off a bit. I would always be picking out little grammatical oddities that appeared in the homework as we reviewed it first thing in the morning.

I think Maite sensed that I was alone and needed some good old fashioned Spanish loving. She advised me to go south and find an andalusian woman. I went south but didn't find the woman.
What I did find was a less well run language school populated by lazy students and freaky teachers.
Sometimes I wish I'd stayed at Colegio Delibes for longer as I'm sure I would have carried on learning at a great pace.

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