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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Loving Insights of a Real Headcase
Have you heard about Jimmy?

Jimmy kneaded his palm with the pine bed nob.
He was remembering times as a youngster.
The panic of breathlessness you got after springing
for too long on a bouncy castle. The anxiety would ease
slightly when you rested in a groove catching some air. Warm red
plastic sticking against your cheek. Then another kids feet would
slam down next to your face and you had to move or risk danger.

Jimmy was getting thrills from the sensitive nerves in his palms
combined with memories of the heroic/erotic. A flash of guilt,
selfconciousness and Jimmy remembers that he is living. And when
living you do things, constructive things that involve other
people not just yourself. So Jimmy slips on his green day glo
satin trousers. Adds a plate of tartan weetabix to his bearded
razor floss and he's ready to hit town.
Jimmy always looks at everyone he passes
right in their eyes. And he
smiles too. Unless he forgets. He knew that one day some mean
moody bastard would punch his lights out for staring and grinning
in their direction. That was why it never happened.

I'm gonna ring her bell and smash lemon over her honey spoon.
Jimmy thought this when he smiled and stared at good loooking
women. He knew that one day some gorgeous girl would smile and
they would end up naked together. That was why it never happened.

Smile and the world smiles with you. He knew other magic tricks
aswell. He was Mr Sheen.

Tricks of the wind my friend.
He was a natural old Jimmy was.
Never threw a bad dime.
But when he shone you could look right thru him and he could walk
through you. He was of the air. As if he didnt exist at all.
Part of you knew what he represented but you didn't believe that
you could be a part of it too.
At those times his wholeness was being glimpsed thru part of your
fractured being.
A tantalizing flash of impossible magic.

So Jimmy went on his way with a dancing stride. Feeling leaves
and talking to cats. Seeing litter and architecture as a past
moulding man.
No chaos of choice when he needed food. Jimmy on the ball heads
to the fruit stall.
A bargain of vitality all health freaks should learn,
dont feed the pill fire when there's money to burn.
After snacking Jimmy takes a breather
on a bench and speaks to an old Gent.
"Tell me old timer. What matters prey heavy on your mind
when your life is nearly spent?"
"Life like money should be spent well. When its not about
winning you can score own goals. To tell the truth son, no
matters prey heavy on my mind now that I'm no longer blind."

A wink and a gleam and Jimmy sets off. Over tarmac and stone the
wanderer must roam.

Taken from the old website
"The Loving Insights of a Real Headcase" by me.
This was the sister site to Matt Kings Unbelievable Hype which
you can find here.

sketched by dweller at 11:59 pm
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