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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a retelling of an old corny Christmas joke
Husband and wife are sitting on an inter-city train to Liverpool in 1985.
A man sits opposite and they get chatting.
Turns out he is named Olf, hails from East Germany and is a staunch defender of the Communist regime. 
He is also rather provocative and loud. 
After arguing a while about politics the husband looks out the window and so as to break the tense atmosphere says
"ah look out there, it's snowing". 
Olf replies abruptly "Huh, that is not snow, that is rain and I should know. We have real snow where I am from."
The argument continues. Husband turns to his wife, "Darling what do you think?"
Wife says, "Rude Olf the red knows rain, dear."

I heard this joke some time in the early 1980s. It may be that I heard it while on an intercity train.
I also think maybe my dad heard it and then retold it to us.
Anyway this is my version.

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