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Sunday, November 14, 2010

War Jive

 "We are takin' dis acshun fo' one real simple reason, dig dis, dig dis: t'damage Serb fo'ces sufficiently

  t'prevent Milosevic fum continuin' t'puh'petuate his vile oppression against innocent Albanian 


 UK Prime Minister' Tony Blair 


 "De grotesque breach uh human rights in Kosovo which we gotss' seen in recent monds kin 

 be tolerated no mo'e.  S coo', bro'." 

 UK Conservative Party leader William Hague


 "We had no opshun oda' dan t'snatch dis regrettable acshun against Milosevic once da damn 

 Kosovars had signed our peace proposals but da damn Serbs had defiantly continued deir brutal 

 repression.  What it is, Mama!" 

 UK Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown 


 "People who lived drough de 30s and 40s feel some sense uh utta' shame and disgust dat da damn 

 British Government should be boogiein' its solemn commitment t'de UN and launchin' air 

 attacks waaay downon Serbia.  Ah be baaad..." 

 Veteran Labour MP Tony Benn 

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