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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

hanging coats for KT Tunstall punters

I ocassionally work at the barfly in camden
as cloakroom attendant for the gigs that are held there.
It means I can catch up with my good friend and
see some up and coming bands.
Tonight I saw a couple of songs sung by
KT Tunstall, female singer songwriter from Scotland.
Completely sold out after an appearance on the
Jools Holland TV show,
we could have a star in the making on our hands.
I had never heard of her before
so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.
She definitely has a solid collection of songs,
she is a confident performer with nice natural and quirky
intersong banter. As someone said on her website
its inoffensive music. Nevertheless it is appealing uplifting gutsy stuff.
It has a few suprising flavours; for example the melodies tend to have little unexpected flourishes tacked on so you don't feel too much like you've "heard it all before."
After the crowd's enthusiastic reception I reckon the sky's the limit for oor KT.
I wanted to get her to sign a flyer
with "I love reading childwithoutaneye"
but I never have the cojones for that kind of thing.
Anyway the lass doesn't need any more geeks floatin' about.

Not someone whose album I will probably buy,
but I am sure I'll be hearing alot of it over the coming year.
KT could be marketed as 'Norah Jones with balls' though
I'm sure she'd have my baws for even thinking that.

sketched by dweller at 1:37 am
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