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Sunday, November 28, 2004

that hospital that library
it's a ward of peace,
three cuts on the abdomen,
3 pound fifty for the tv,
nurses tested you round the clock,
you got full love service,
for free,
god bless the en aitch mess,
you sure brush up good,
when the spotlight gives you a rest

started today in the library,
took the reigns of the mystery,
pay the fine,
or defer it to next time,
relax its not a crime,
plenty tea breaks,
were offered me,
shuffling books in a public gallery
is there a bladdy computer free?,
chill round the corner and wait you'll see,
kids got their story books,
old arabs and afros mumbling politics,
on the newspaper table,
I got to get the code right,
colours and alphabets,
shelve it smile,
can I volunteer to help the grannies?,
sure saffa babe,
just take this leaflet.

we played scrabble,
Zit was used twice,
and seth lost because
he didn't know
axe can be ax

I'll rig it so I win
The pig will race against the duck.


sketched by dweller at 1:28 am
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Blogger Jon Langdon said...

just a BE visitor saying hi.

--Jon Langdon

1:08 am  
Blogger dweller said...

I wrote this latest entry a bit drunken
and stoned, and it shows,

but who gives a shit,
CWAE is a member of the shitty blogs club after all

1:38 am  

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