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Friday, December 17, 2004

I'm just a snotbag

divvy up the sandbags,
rest against the cold mud,
shit and blood and rot and rats.
skulls and chicken feathers,
hell and filth,
happy christmas.


a lighthouse beaming
white rocks and more cold water
creak and sneeze
swollen fists
Spanish Eddie
purple turkey


turn on the lights
dazzled and nausea
towels on the bathroom floor
radiator death
stray pube finger twitch
office party


yes a fetid interweaving of
ageing genes
wrinkled skin
and tooth decay
bad breath
food and wine
down the gullet
and out the arse
togetherness once a year


okay I said I'd wait 'til
the cold was gone
I lied.
eat it or piss off

sketched by dweller at 1:32 pm
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