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Monday, June 20, 2005

Scroll (part two of nine)
One day in 1996 in Glasgow I wrote on the back of a Michelob Beer poster. I decided to fill it up from top to bottom with spontanaeous writing.

No I said LARGE chips'n'cheese. And with that a genie the size of a pin head for all these hunners of centuries grew into the size of a man. Now he wasn't your average Ali Baba style genie. He actually looked alot more like Father Christmas. He peered down at the wee kiddie,"Aye ah know son", he said in a crap Glasgow accent,"but your parents can only afford small chips'n'cheese and you don't want to end up a fat fucker do ya?" The back of a hand swiped across Scots' face destroying the vision of Santa. (Scot named after Jason Donovan's character in Neighbours). The slap felt good. A sting quickly turning into a warm glow. Scot's now bowing his head looking ashamed and sorry. Dad's thinking 'you've gotta be cruel to be kind; I dinnae want a hooligan when he's a teenager.' Mum thinks 'Its a bit harsh but it seems to have made Scot see what's wrong with nagging and wingeing for more and more.' Wee Scot's saying in his glowing rattled skull,'Sorry Santa.'

sketched by dweller at 10:30 pm
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Blogger SeizeTheNite said...

That was fun to read, kinda like being able to see into someone's thoughts.
Plus you used the word hooligan, always a favorite of mine...

7:46 pm  
Blogger dweller said...

Thanks for your comments SeizeTheNight, and in case you were wondering, chips'n'cheese is a paper bag full of freedom fries with grated cheese piled on top. The cheese melts into the fries and Glaswegian culinary nirvana is reached.

10:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:17 am  

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