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Thursday, February 19, 2015

gathering dust
gathering dust,
little old dandy randy
take me to Gerome
clinic sandwich
in the rough grass
hen party necklaces
foo yung egg slicer
lips of red nausea
follow me in the darkness
escape capsule
break the glass
I’m not in love oh no
Trippy so trippy
Leashed and tethered
Somnambulant butcher
Cress in a small plastic tray
Recorder class behind glass bricks
Still waiting
Vanilla scoop
Have faith in the lack of time
It all ended and began
So luck and sorrow
 And gloves and scarves
Toast the dawn
Stretch and avoid
The nagging doubts
Bollocks I was wrong
Need to blind some horses
Shout and curse
Push boulders from a cliff
Writhe in a hysterical naked fit
Hammer the earth with a fist
A primal scream
Warble lips um ga ga bumbly boo
Cuckoo miaow
Grab at woolly woolly things
That tree loves me
That soil really cherishes me
Oh yes it is true
It cannot be denied

Yes the branches and leaves 

sketched by dweller at 7:10 pm
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