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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Never surrender said Paisley
Never surrender said Paisley,
 The pope is the devil so he is
China girl
Merry Christmas Mister Lawrence
Pillboxes made from pixels
The bleeping of the zx days
Batman reruns
Televisualised brain
The cup that runneth over
No time for egghead ways of lateral thinking
EGGward deBONO
And I still haven’t found Wembley Stadium
Kings Cross
Those deaths so distant
South Africa tyres on fire
Looks funny – not real
But drama, plays Singing Detectives
That’s real, oh no the boy saw his mum
 Doing it in the bushes!
Is my mum doing it with the window cleaner?
Is my dad doing it with that woman?
Worse than tv deaths.
In fact U2 and CND and Amnesty were cool ,
Lets make this world a better place,
Peter Gabriel hugging Kate
I can relate
Can I get in between you
And have a little cry too?
But Thatch man
Thatcher woah and Tebbit and Northern Ireland, its ok because here is Ben Elton and he is gonna hug us and that cup of tea and chocolate biscuit with a cat purring on your lap feels all good again.
All curled up and safe once more.
Before “going to the pub”
But there is a party, and there is cider now
 And maybe smoke a tiny bit of hash if you’re lucky.
Girls, yeah, but only for your friends, cause you are weird, and they sense that.
Oh well, but I’m reasonably good at maths.
O-level not A-level so much.
But I stepped out of the hatch, like that heavy metal musician who fell out of the coach when he mistook the fire exit for the toilet.
Now I’m here in front of a screen.
In some stranger’s house.
Gathering memories together and snuggling up inside them.
The 1980s – looks like the silvery paper from the inside of a packet of fags.

Sniff it. You can almost step back. 

sketched by dweller at 7:46 pm
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