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Thursday, February 24, 2005

sore throated again
God, my throat is burning burning burning!!!
Still, never mind all that, I am here writing sweet nothings again.
Here at my favourite place, child without an eye.

So much news,
so many things to tell myself
and this page of bytes all lit up as words.
Curly words, straight lines of nothing.
Empty hollows. Odds and evens.
Where to begin?
Where to end?
It will all end in tears, thats a given.
I will swallow on this wretched winter eve.
Throw in a few key words.
Hunter S Thompson.
That cunt from BabyShambles.
The Pope almost on a rope.
Dresden and Auschwitz.

Back to the room.
I do sneeze loudly, sorry neighbours.
A danish croissant or sunburnt crossed bun?
^^^ thats a riddle.

Hot bath, didn't work,
gargle salt water, did'nt work
ginger and garlic, didn't work
fresh clementines, didn't work
vits and cod liver oil, didn't work
They are not meant to,
I subconciously get into these foul viral states
so that I'll sit at this bladerunner screen
and add more entries to this shit trawlers guide
to the the englishxy.

so read 'em and weep.
you want to know about the minutiae of
anothers life?
or do you want to slide around bellystyle on the
frisbee hovercraft xenon slipstream?

stick around as I slowly find out
what the buttons on this craft do

sketched by dweller at 11:32 pm
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