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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What is " UK Grime "?
This is my investigation into the new sound
that is being rinsed all over this fair land from car stereos.
My first port of call is flipside radio.
I sneegled a flash of the UK Grime soulseek room,
and this site was propped.

*News Flash*
Just heard that Jamie Oliver, the wanker tv chef, has been nushing up some UK Grime beats with some 5th years he met while doing the latest "School Dinners" show. Wow, UK Grime is so underground it hit the mainstream falling back down from the stars just above Australia!!!

Anyway the flipside radio website is about to be loaded. Let me pump up the volume,
..... well after a crappy little intro I now have to wait ages for another
bit of flash to load. Jus let me at da beetz, fr krysss!!
Now it wont play on my real player 56k intranection.
VASS ist LOS? (if you ken my Kraut)
That fat tongued cu*t Oliver is ahead of me in
the UK Grime game,
I gotta get better, sorry readers I am seriously losing
it here.
Stay tuned for the highup on da new sound of the over air, cause you know the grime is gonna be ahead of time.
Its Risky, well Risky (that is 1,000 RMs(roman miles) beyond Safe), you get me?

sketched by dweller at 9:55 pm
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