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Saturday, January 14, 2006

the continental cafe
the continental cafe
Get a coffee, a soft drink, some food.
Cigarettes out
Quiet boys mope on a table of their own
Why are you reading a newspaper?
It's too early to absorb boring news.
Some Soft Metal fan had stuck several pounds in the jukebox.
LIVING MARXISM Why IS politics so boring?
I'm tired I need another coffee
Go on mate roll yourself a fag
It looks really good
The Food Factory in red neon
What a crap roll up
May he forever swallow tobbacco
I wish I was that bloke next to me
Asleep in his folded arms.
Why is he sleeping?
Did he have a late night?
Or does that Daily Express laid out neatly before him hold the
KLF now playing
Long haired guy with leather jacket is doing the nervous knee tap.
These Scots don't tan very well,
They've had 4 consecutive days of sun.
I have to leave soon.
The clouds of smoke are irritating my nose.
I also need to take the most enourmous shit.

early 90s Queen Margaret Student Union, Glasgow.

sketched by dweller at 5:40 pm
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