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Friday, December 22, 2006


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Friday, December 15, 2006

Spanner Otoole - My Second Life Name
Here I am in my first sojourn into the
wonderfully surreal experience that is Second Life,
I wholeheartedly suggest you try this out if you have
a good enough comp. Mine is pretty old, yet it still works so most of you should
have no trouble. It is a fascinating "place" filled with intrigueing architecture
and objects that do things and people of course.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random Gentle Love Dreamer
Ha, ha, this is uncannily accurate

Boy Next Door
Random Gentle Love Dreamer (RGLDm)

Kind, yearning, playful, you are The Boy Next Door. You're looking for real Love, a lot like girls do. It might not be manly, but it's sweet.

We think the next three years will be very exciting and fruitful ones for you. Your spontaneous, creative side makes you a charming date, and we think you have a horny side just waiting to shine. Or glisten, rather. You enter new relationships unusually hopeful, and the first moments are especially glorious. If you've had some things not work out before, so what.

On paper, most girls would name the Boy Next Door as their ideal mate. In the real world, however, you're often passed over for more dangerous or masculine men. You're the typical "nice guy:" without just a touch of cockiness, you're doomed with girls. A shoulder to cry on? Okay, sure. But never a penis to hold.

More than any other type, Boys Next Door evolve as they get older. As we said, many find true love, but some fail miserably in the search. These tarnished few grow up to be The Men Next Door, who are creepy as hell, offering backrubs to kids and what not.

Your exact opposite:
The 5-Night Stand
Deliberate Brutal Sex Master


CONSIDER: The Maid of Honor, The Peach

My profile name: hi_matt

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bastardized Version of Frere Jacques
I just found this while browsing the Gabcast directory
and it tickled me.

Gabcast! charli's original songs #1

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dweller's new mobi-blog
mob photo blog.

Its pretty boring so far!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

this phone will be the death of me
I just signed up for a mobile contract and
got rid of the old black and white simple nokia thang.
Now I've been thrust into the space age tho not quite to
3G levels.

I've been downloading every web app I can find for it and
a tonne of games - well tetris , breakout and sokoban the three great essentials.

Within 3 days of having this blasted thing, I've set up
google talk instant messaging, listened to online radio (pretty bad app), tried out a sort of shitty google earth thing.
Submitted photos to an Opera mobi-blog thing.

But my latest "find" may be the best yet 'cause I like the concept.
Take four snaps in a row to make a story board. Give your story a title and a caption and then upload to the web.
It appears on the glogger website

Here is my first "just testing the goods" attempt.

my glogger feed

I imagine there is an art to this.
You are restricted by the format.
It seems almost like a rule of poetics.
4 snaps, title, caption.
Make something that just captures the scene.

I know I know, probably by tomorrow
I'll be on to some other new fad;
must remember not to put all my xml in one basket.

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dweller's new podcast - the sound of tulips
During the soulsapping..I-mean-enhancing..
podcast conference the other weekend I promised my
fellow devotees (yeah right) that I would attempt a spoken word podcast.
So using the tips from my favourite podcaster she behind
"3 things" I scraped together 3 things to talk about and
spoke over a soundtrack I'd previously created using the
wonderful ableton live software.

If you want to know anything about "3 things", podcast conferences or Ableton Live you'll have to google them as the only links
I'm going to provide are to the blog URL and feed URL of this
new spoken word podcast wot I made.

The Sound of Tulips Feedburner link

The Sound Of Tulips Blogspot link

Oh yeah and If you haven't been listening to my awesome
music-mix podcast Child Without an Ipod, then please visit and listen and then subscribe. Here>>>>

child without an ipod

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