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Sunday, November 27, 2011

While listening to Karen Dalton

Deary me oh momma,

wave me a hankie,

tear me up old maid mamma in the morning rain,

Off to the railroad and my grip is firm on this old suitcase,

my suit doesn’t fit and I have no tie,

But I must go go and be on my way,

The morning broke I had had no sleep.

You stood back and you let me leave,

Remembering the good times,

Those days there were so few,

This bye bye is more between us and the dew

sketched by dweller at 10:02 pm
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While listening to Daniel Johnston

And she did sing and the chorus with in harmony,

All did feel safe in the warm room,

Where devils were not welcome,

When time it came to leave and she was alone,

Being quiet and still then her heart was so loud,

And devils feast on crying souls,

The birds came to her as she dished out crumbs,

Beaks and eyes and feathers and ripples,

The Sunday sun fell and the colours were left,

Some things last a lifetime.

sketched by dweller at 9:40 pm
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