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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yahoo fucking sucks and has lost me my flickr account
I've had a Yahoo ID since about year 2000.
I'm a member of many yahoo groups.
I have a free flickr account in which I've invested
time uploading photos.

Recently I received an email saying that my
yahoo password had been changed.
Now I have never changed my yahoo ID password.
So I try to change my password.
On the ID they ask you for your DOB and
post code.
Now to be honest, when I signed up to yahoo, it was
early days of the internet and everyone I know
was being cautious of what information they were
giving out, so I may have given a slightly false date of birth.
My post code was probably correct but I've lived in so many
different places that I can't remember all the post codes.

So I can't retrieve the password that SOMEONE ELSE has managed
to change.
So I email yahoo from their webpage and receive an automated email at the email address I registered with them. No password or reactivation link. Next they ask me to email them back with more details so I do that....
Next I get THIS FUCKING EMAIL below.
So obviously I will have to start from scratch in order to get a flickr account.
But I'm afraid of doing that now if invest a lot of effort
uploading photos to flickr only to lose them all again.
I think it is a very negative situation for flickr to be associated with the impossible to retrieve Yahoo ID.

Most other registered accounts I have have a very simple password
recovery system based on the security of your email account.
An email will be sent to your email to recreate your password and bobs your uncle. I know that my email address has not been breached so why can't yahoo simply send me a new password link????
It is unbelievable!!!!!


Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

In order to assist you with the account in question, we ask that you
provide the answers to all of the questions below. Yahoo! keeps
detailed records of the information you provided during the registration
of your account.

For security reasons, we require an exact match otherwise we will be
unable to assist you with your account. For this, there are no
exceptions. Please fax or send via regular postal mail the information
listed below. (We apologize for the detailed request, but in order to
provide proper security for our member accounts, these steps are

Please send us all of the following:

* Your name

* An email address where we can contact you -- at this time we are only
able to reply via email.

* Copy of a state/government issued photo ID (please copy on the
lightest setting of your copier).

* Yahoo! ID

* Permission for Yahoo! to enter your account

* Birthdate on the account

* The answer to your Security Question. (if applicable) The correct
Secret Answer is required; even with faxed information.

* ZIP code and country

* Your alternate email address

Please fax the information to:

(503) 615 3883
Attn: CC Account Security Team

If you are outside the United States/Canada, you may fax the information
to the number below:

+1 (503) 615 3883

Or mail it to:

Attn: Customer Care/Account Security
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1019

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.



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