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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So the first page of a new book…
So the first page of a new book…
Was ist los?
Entschuldigungs bitte.
Deep fried and in the vein of murphy’s magical pig.
He wandered left right left.
Sheba purred and swam the breast stroke.
Kalamazoo in plimpsoles.
Mother did you hear they dropped the frogs?
Unt zertanks shall roll vonce again across the plain.
Hey buddy, I don’t like your jazz hands.
Put on these black lady muslim gloves.
I’m swaying side to side like a Latina groove.
Bottoms up, my beauty.
Hair like a badger.
That new labour dominatrix look.
You know the one
Beside the point. Carry on nurses.
Unglue the dressing.
Put down the up and sideways graft the sloppy bawbag meat.
Air hair lair.
My larynx performed with the footlights.
She went all squiffy.
Ooh no, robbed by a ghastly crack head again.
But that’s okay because there are large scale sandwiches in an upscale neighbourhood and jolly old Freddie will be ever so chummy.
The Icelandic warbles in a chill fm stylee about frozen fish, space dust and liquidised pixie glands.
Everything changes but knowing that won’t relieve your security anxiety.
Watt Watt!
Heaven knows we’re all Eastenders now.
Even Kathy.
Play the piana, the old Joanna – chompy stompy plinky plonk owz about that then me old kipper?

Enough you wurzel, turf off the hedgehog breath.

sketched by dweller at 8:19 pm
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