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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Michael Rosen: Teacher power; children power; language power
Michael Rosen: Teacher power; children power; language power: I had a great day today working with teachers in Richmond, London. We had two hours thinking and talking about poetry in schools. If I'm n...

He's a prolific blogger is Michael.
A twelve year old girl came in to the library a few weeks back. She was typing up a Christmas poem she had written. She had been asked to read it aloud at a school assembly. She was as proud as can be and offered to read it to me.
What I loved about it was her creative use of language to express very personal observations.
At one point she mentioned the festive season as something to boost people's drear (this isn't correct but I can't recall the words exactly) The teacher had corrected it and put in cheer for drear (again this isn't exact - I just can't recall her exact phrasing)
She explained that she meant to use drear because people around her felt and acted pretty miserable in the build up to Christmas. I have noticed this especially this year in the neighbourhood of our library. People are down on their luck, the kids have been acting up more than usual. The aftermath of the riots, the constant talk of cuts, recession, job losses. Kids feel what the adults are feeling.
I thought it was a shame that her original wording wasn't have been kept in.
But never mind that, it was a really stimulating interaction with a child who was buzzing with the creative process.

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Michael Rosen: David Cameron: Books, Lies and Videotape
Michael Rosen: David Cameron: Books, Lies and Videotape: The front page of London's Evening Standard tonight shouted out: "Cameron visits the school we're fighting to save and gives this message ...

This is so good I had to share it on my blog.
I won't add any comments as I'm recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction and a long day at work has left me needing to get horizontal pronto.

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Friday, January 06, 2012

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