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Sunday, November 23, 2008

oh I'm so effing scared of this dude

this is one scary dude,
and he;'s doubly scary coz he's english
like yoo and mee
but now he's deddd blown up by a cosy comfy us missile, I'm so
happy and now i feel so sayf innit?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

the fetching scarf
the fetching scarf she wore at weekends was lying across her back and dangling over her breasts, beating time as she hurriedly walked down lake passage.
Glasgow kisses and milkman wronged wives slashed the net curtains – a bitter reflex.
lips curled and the fan humming in the hairdressers.
steeples so tall and the flailing jacobite windows ajar – windy gust
trod treading footfalls again and still making no ground on the Great Western Road
back from the Maryhill dole
back from the gray wet bleak hole

sketched by dweller at 3:57 pm
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The End of Wall Street's Boom - National Business News - Portfolio.com
The End of Wall Street's Boom - National Business News - Portfolio.com

To this day, the willingness of a Wall Street investment bank to pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to dispense investment advice to grownups remains a mystery to me. I was 24 years old, with no experience of, or particular interest in, guessing which stocks and bonds would rise and which would fall. The essential function of Wall Street is to allocate capital—to decide who should get it and who should not. Believe me when I tell you that I hadn’t the first clue.

I’d never taken an accounting course, never run a business, never even had savings of my own to manage. I stumbled into a job at Salomon Brothers in 1985 and stumbled out much richer three years later, and even though I wrote a book about the experience, the whole thing still strikes me as preposterous—which is one of the reasons the money was so easy to walk away from. I figured the situation was unsustainable. Sooner rather than later, someone was going to identify me, along with a lot of people more or less like me, as a fraud. Sooner rather than later, there would come a Great Reckoning when Wall Street would wake up and hundreds if not thousands of young people like me, who had no business making huge bets with other people’s money, would be expelled from finance.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peter Schiff was right!!
You may never have heard of this guy,
but I saw a video of him about a year ago and he
described economic collapse coming while the other
experts around him laughed in his face.
He stood calm and stood his ground.
Now he has been vindicated.
Everything he said was right.

I urge you to watch this video and see how time and again,
he gave this warning.

sketched by dweller at 8:39 pm
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

need a piss
need one, but won't leave the
stale sheet bed

need to sleep, but won't switch off the
google chrome black killer box that gives me a skin rash

needs must when the french devil's kick wigan's backside

need a falafel but they shut it down,
no Turkish bar b que for me

need health but the scum between my teeth will keep
the throat infection topped up for the winter

need to de-pornolize,
in fact this is working I'm suck-seeding ha ha

need to stop economy obsessing,
I now have a layman's degree in "the world is going down the tubes"

need to learn some new songs on the guitar,
but I always forget which ones I had earlier elected for this role


nee d een dddd nnn eee eee

glen hoddle's escape hatch

I dreamt I had a new type of camera
you put both eyes in the viewfinder like
a diving mask and everything looked so
vivid and clear and bright,
with this unique machine at once I became an artist
bringing visionary beauty from the mundane light from objects and scenes
we all normally see in shades of tainted dreary modern human vision

I dreamt of a woman swimming in these strange waters,
neither sea nor river and this documentary I was filming/watching
it was the story of a man. she became the narrator,
after being the sex object of his.

I needed those dreams and today's sun and last week's intense
caring stare of my fantastic GP who explained the lot and gave
me what I had forgotten I deserved.

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Ian Dury show comes to London: Looks good

sketched by dweller at 2:37 pm
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Does one want fries with ones big mac?

sketched by dweller at 9:04 am
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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Alex Jones take on the Obama victory
It is always healthy to think beyond the hysteria
that such events as Diana's death and now Obama's victory create
in the mass public.

I don't really go for conspiracy shock jock Alex Jones,
but he is on form in this show.


sketched by dweller at 5:32 pm
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Monday, November 03, 2008

John Cusak - No currency left to buy the big lies
I knew it!!!
At the anti-Iraq war march in London 2003 I was sure I saw John Cusak the cool American film actor marching along near Gower street.
Turns out he's a bit of a lefty.
Check his latest blog. Its long and a bit complex but pretty dang good stuff
he is an angry not so young man...

As I contemplated the real possibility of an Obama victory and listened to right wing pundits revise history still unfolding, I thought of titles for this blog:

"Neocon Logic: This Statement is Untrue"
"The Modern Free Market System is False But a New Revelation Shall Come"
" They Would Feast on Themselves: All the Money's Gone, Nowhere to Go"
I decided on:
"No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies"


In the pre-capitalist reality, James Madison said when he put power in the hands of the business elite, he would be entrusting "enlightened statesmen and benevolent philosophers who would devote themselves to the welfare of all."

Clearly, he believed this statement in the way I guess some modern Republicans do. The only problem was that he eventually realized this didn't work and in 1792, disillusioned and worried about the democratic experiment, condemned what he called "the daring depravity of the times." He went on to denounce the business elites who, given ultimate power, "become tools and tyrants of government...they overwhelm government with their powers and combinations and are bribed by its largesse." That's how he perceived the system he had helped design. In 2008, this is an apt description of the Republican relationship to government and power.

read on...

sketched by dweller at 9:00 pm
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barcelona #1 - Cigarette Girls
Cigarette Girls
On two of the occasions that I entered a tobacconists I was confronted by a young woman dressed in what seemed like a beauty contest outfit with a sash across her chest and not many clothes on.
I was asked whether or not I smoked. It was then that I realized that a special offer was on the cards. They were offering cheap John Player Special cigarettes; The smokes that went out of fashion in the UK in about 1982 and are lower on the pecking order than Dunhills. I don’t usually smoke anything, but when on holiday I do get the urge and seeing that there was no cigarette ban in Spain I couldn’t resist the chance to sit in a bar or restaurant and spark one up. But for me it was Gauloise Blondes or nothing.
No, neither green, red, blue or yellow JPS let alone the traditional black would sway me. I didn’t want to disappoint the girls on parade, but together we knew they were just doing a job so it was all smiles.

sketched by dweller at 12:23 pm
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Saturday, November 01, 2008

awesome crystal caves

sketched by dweller at 12:07 am
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