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Saturday, April 30, 2005

One from the Akashic Records
I just captured one from the astral plane,
brought it down and stuck it in the box
for your perusal.
Of course there's always static in the attic.
But listen and feel it anyway.

sketched by dweller at 6:53 pm
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I'll blog til I friggin' well drop
Ya Boo
Keep it fresh
like a bowl of pooh.

Found an egg carton in the front garden
Full of human shit
Someone must have tossed it
Over the hedge

Couldn't you try drinking warm milk
It's a cure for insomnia
the Devils Disease
torrent blackened eyeball craters
lungs radiated
balls all gone a sterile
limp dick porn drained
shrinking night by insomniac night

music is my life and it sends me thru the vibe
thru the vibe

zooming in on a daisy stem in the garden
little hairs tiny hairs bending flower
stem hairs
the grass is warm, sky blue
a few seconds of smells sounds and birdsong
then back to this screen glued
back glued back
tap the keys
be transhuman what a great future
inhuman inhuman
blog with the inhuman bloggers
again and again
more and millions more
do it repeat it
fuck it fuck it fuck it
what is the result?
what is the result?
what is the result?
zero zero zero.
just do it again
and again and again
something is sure to happen.
there is life in this somewhere.
the bloggers hope against the
dark knowledge that this is all
some satanic plot to keep the synapses
occupied while the world is divvied up.
the real airwaves and telepathic physical
subtle routes that have served humanity for millenia
are left by the wayside as we are channelled
into this poppy scented poison world of blogging, torrenting
, recording.

sketched by dweller at 5:18 pm
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dweller gusta el sol

sketched by dweller at 1:21 am
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dweller gusta el sol

sketched by dweller at 1:21 am
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Twangle Frent
Just listening to Twangle Frent by muziq.
Until now I never knew it was called Twangle Frent since my
old black label vinyl copy had no track titles.

Getting flashbacks to the mid 90's.
Ach there's a wee tear forming in the corner of
my dried out monitor ray-bruised eye.
It makes me think of pacing around grey streets in Essex towns.
Chelmsford in 1994, and Colchester in 1998.
Not much going for me there.
Even less now I am sat arse stuck, inner tyre, no vent,
constricted gullet, switched off, brain dead, caged beast,
to and fro, like those lemmings went back and forth, til I set off the nuclear blast.
But I wasn't to know that then.
It makes me feel all Twangle Frent.

sketched by dweller at 12:31 am
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is my theory of the state of the art.
This is my theory of the state of the art.
If you wanna be one, then go out and do it.
But what is it you want?
Immortality? Superiority? Admiration?
To be an art person you have to show off.
Bubble and squeak in a diamond casket.
Trails of your arse wipe psychobabble in a
glistening stream around smoothed pebbles.
Touché away with flame thrown beyond our
city's ether.
A goblet of the finest red wine in the
hands of the slave drivers. Is that what it is
to feel like an artist? Those beings of taste
with their cash and deadly abandon of
values. Do you make pure smooth fascistic
art for them? Is that your ambition?
No, but that is your action. To turn from
the false energy of hate is one thing, but
to be apathetic, and accepting is a curse
we must escape.
My children and characters be vibrant
and calm. Add colour and mind into your
spontanaeous expressions. Deliver them to
the people. Dont use galleries and the
patronisation of fascistic advertising
agencies. That is not your medium. You
have been kissing too many toads.
Are you grasping the vacant modern?
Or are you seeking the rich disguise of
our past's failures? Dont be ignorant of
your careless falls from grace into the
realms of ridiculous contradictory

Matt King 1998

sketched by dweller at 1:00 am
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Matt King's unbelievable hype
PART ONE: My underpants witnessed a future zombie implosion. A text transmission from a velvety boxer pair. Lying crumpled on a duvet while I am away slaving,Sound vibrations felt by my m+s grundies, "MMMMIIIIAAAOOOWWWW" followed by, "WWWOOOOOFFFF WWWOOOOFFF"

PART TWO: Mint aero eggs are not gewy. A vile division of green bubbles. An egg which always cracks straight down the middle. Oh what lack of vision.

PART THREE: Your imbecilic gesture turned me on. I was agog and humoured and finally enflamed by you and your behaviour. Your po mo grin brought out the razor in me.Thanks for pampering my delusions.

CLEVER CRAP she asks and I strike back with this...
Do you nerd trip wasters batter me ever in waster zones unseen? Are your unkempt weed grown philosophies a sack cloth full of bricks while the kitten squeals in pain by the canal side? And shame on the banquet givers. Your glorification of past's neglectors and false sufferers steam over your second eyelids.I'm gonna fuck you over with a kick jerk fist fly swivel dance moveconnecting and newtons third law as our precise but improvised rebounding energies show us the way hey and when we are rolling where are you at? Is it still a game, a style niche for you. Grow up and be clear sighted through your still present young eyes. An eternal state with no ups and downs. Man o man you can and blast the balls with the womb keepers. YYIIPPEEE,MMMIIIAAAOOWWW WWWOOOOFFFF and I'm outta here. Love matty king the unbelievable hypster. 1998

sketched by dweller at 12:37 am
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La luna del otoño
Autumn Moon

My complaint of the winter curse
Seas gentle,
A peace within.
Turbulence above the still deep.
Coloured fish,
Black in the inky dark
In verse this waning disc,
Transports me to and fro.
And I shall will it to cease,
With one fist clenched to earth,
The other open to sky
And my eyes one closed and one open.
But until then the travelling disc,
In movement shades the striking contrasts,
As we shuffle on,
Obeying its mighty joy.

sketched by dweller at 12:31 am
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Juana Molina is a Genius!!!
I just came back from seeing Juana Molina at the Queen Elizabeth Hall , London.

It was a really great show, she plays like a one woman band
acoustic guitar and synth/keyboard then recording loops on keyboard guit vocal and then getting them looping and doing more singing on top, using voice filters and everything.
Really individual singer song writer, definitely worth checking out, quite a mellow sound but underneath it she is well off the wall.
Suddenly starts barking like a dog and going all over the place. The songs from the albums really get expanded on and changed in a live setting with very different endings and new musical experiments.
Its a quiet quirky sound but very well controlled ; she is in control of the sequence of all the songs adding and subtracting the sounds from the mix mid-song using footpedals and the like. Really impressive shit. She will be touring USA and Canada soon, so go and check her out.
That really was a cool show, and she was sick as well.
Her voice was a bit messed up but she battled thru.
Here are the upcoming dates.

April 26th
Hanbury Ballroom
83 St George Road - Brighton

April 30th
St Bride's Centre - Triptych Festival
Orwell street - Edinburgh

May 1st
Tron Theatre - Tryptich Festival
Albion St - Glasgow

June 7th
Underground at Stage Two
202 Market Street - Harrisburg

June 8th
Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky Street - Pittsburgh

June 9th
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette - New York

June 10th
Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington ave. - Boston

June 11th
Max of Eastman Place - Rochester Jazz Festival
24 Gibbs Street - Rochester

June 12ve
Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West - Toronto

June 13th
31 E. Balbo - Chicago

June 15th
The Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue NW - Seattle

June 17th
Knitting Factory LA
7021 Hollywood Blvd. - Los Angeles

June 18th
2501 Kettner Blvd. - San Diego

June 19th
The Parish
214 E 6th Street, Austin

July 8th
Club Soda - Montreal Jazz Festival
1225 St. Laurent - Montreal

sketched by dweller at 11:44 pm
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Decadent West: DW Vs. Five Year Olds: Bring It On, Motherfuckers
The Decadent West: DW Vs. Five Year Olds: Bring It On, Motherfuckers

I don't normally direct link to other peoples blog entries
but this one deserves its own special place....

sketched by dweller at 11:19 pm
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Stop Breeding
'Stop breeding and you won't die', says Matt as
he slaps another moth between his palms.

sketched by dweller at 11:46 pm
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Monday, April 04, 2005

the absent machine
written by me the saturday before
september 11th 2001

[part one]

Cursing the wastrel Vendor
Climbing the absent
forging the testy Uncle
like squalid lemon dropping foam dodgers
and unsinking the plug
from a psychotic shipwrecking whirlpool
I unglaze the option choice venue
to slip astroturf dog wielding digit mongers

[part two]

a dime
for yr crime
in hell
I yell
we play when you pay
with smurf shit 4 brains
I exclaim
our readers need pleaders
of design subverters
smellers cheaters ahead becomers
digit fresh plastic ice wire places
the romance of hell is an
advert of heaven and the
flow of the damned is
a stationary treadmill
assembled in place with
ever upgraded models
working the wheels of
an absent machine

A loin cloth


[part three]

the absent machine
we keep clean
with grease and oil
the blood sweat and tears
are washed away
electricity so clean as
the future
in striking dazzles a
sign to believe in
BUT awesome force should not
be our leader
Time away from the dazzling lights
can put right the flickering switches
within the mind. It quiets it stills
It fears it searches for the
extra electrical stimulation.
But eventually it rediscovers the
narrow vent into its own mysterious
origin. It slowly enters the darkned
crack and sees a Space of all time
or no time
Therein desire and need are left
outside to work the absent machine.
There in an animal state
an earth state

sketched by dweller at 12:05 am
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